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England-hetalia-england-17187214-500-331 by pinkypromise20

"No..way..." you're completely in shocked that who's working on Vladimir's ship. It was your ancestors; Pete and Julia!

"(Name)! I'm so glad that you're okay!" Julia said as she hugged you.

"You...Did he captured you both, too?" you asked speechless.

"He did but I think it's a good time that we'll tell you everything since Vladimir and his crew are still asleep." Pete said as you and them sat down on kitchen chair.

"We've, too, watched you since you've joined Arthur's crew." Pete said. "But before we get to that, we'll tell you that you should know before you joined him." Peter looked at Lukas as he nodded to proceed. "Lukas also knew that you'll be here because he's a dream seer too. He came to town to warned us that Vladimir's coming with bad touch trios because you'll be coming and raid our home again. The only thing he wanted is you and the key. And he also told us that we're your ancestors. That explains that you look just like me." he chuckled slightly.

"When Vladimir knew that Lukas is going to warn us, he came in and captured us with my child right after you joined him." Julia said as you gasped and you looked around to find a child but it's not here.

"What child? I don't--" you paused as you looked at her as she putted her hand on her tummy. " mean..." she nodded as you stood up slowly. "You're pregnant? When did you found out?" you asked.

"It was the very day you came."

"Does he know?" you asked as you referred to Vladimir.

"Yes, he has. He promised us that he won't harm her and our unborn child if we obey." Pete said as you felt rage inside and slammed the table with your fist and growled.

"I still don't understand why he took you guys, along with your unborn child. It has nothing to do with both of you!" you panting that you can't take the pressure anymore.

"Actually, it has something to do with me." Pete answered.

"What?" you gasped.

"I know something about the treasure, especially Arthur's father but he died, so I'm only one who knows about it."

"You mean, like, location?" you asked.

"It's a hidden island where it's impossible to find." Lukas said

"But Vladimir already told you about what kind of treasure is it." Julia said as you nodded.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" you asked.

"No." Pete answered.

"I need to tell something too but I don't think it's a right time to say because they're about to wake up." Lukas said. "Now, let's hurry and start working."

"Right!" you nodded. "I don't want those scumbags to get hungry or else they'll kill us or something." you smiled as they smiled as well and chuckled. And now, they're started to work.


While Arthur's still in his room, he was chanting spells to know where you at. However, there's hope to find you easily because your necklace and Lukas' necklace are connected to his pendant but it takes awhile to activate.

After awhile, someone snuck into his room with new bandages for his wounds and saw him trembled and panted that he has been overdid his magic.

"Arthur!" Someone grabbed him to help him to stand. He turned his head to someone who supported him.

"L-Lili..." he panted. "What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here."

"I'm sorry but I brought you some bandages." Lili said.

"I'm fine. Besides, it stopped bleeding. Give it to Peter."

"I've finished his. You don't look so good." Lili said as he kept silence.

"I can't rest..." he talked softly that Lili can't hear him what he said as he fell unconscious.

"Arthur? Arthur?! Are you okay?" Lili wailed as Vash came in his room.

"What happened?" Vash asked as he rushed to Arthur and Lili.

"He just collapsed and some of his wounds are open!"

"Get some water and cloth. I'm putting him to bed." Vash said as she ran out of his room to get supplies.

While Lili's out, Vash put him to bed as Arthur's panting heavy and wheezing while he started to sweating up bad. He understand why he couldn't get rest since Vladimir defeated Arthur as he made a long sigh.

'(Name...)'. Vash clenched his fist and grit his teeth while he started to think about you. You've always been there for everyone, even his sister, like you're her new big sister since he knew that you're the only child and protecting her until you've been taken by Vladimir and trio pirates. When Arthur told everyone that Vladimir's a true fiend, he and everyone knew that he's after you. He wanted to rescue you just as much as everyone but not much as Arthur because you're Arthur's beloved.

"Big brother!" Lili said as she unwrapped the bandage while Vash unwrapped old bandage that Arthur's been wrapped. Vash and Lili are wrapping around Arthur's body where he has been stabbed by Vladimir. After they finished, they put him down to rest.

"Lili...Tell me the truth. Do (Name) better than me?" he asked as Lili grew her eyes.

"No! You're my brother! Why would you said that?" Lili asked.

"I was never here for you since (Name) joined us and I asked her to take my place after Sadik raided Arthur's ship to protect you." Vash frowned while Lili got pitiful eyes. "And now that bastard took (Name) and we've found you tied up with Peter and Arthur's laying down like he's about to die!" Vash felt rage that he wanted to kill Vladimir for what he did to his little sister, you and Arthur.

"We can't find her with his condition..." Vash said in anger while Lili held his hand gently.

"Big brother, for what you said is not true. Are you...jealous of (Name) because you think I like her better than you? And Peter, too because he's always been there for me more?" She asked as he sighed sadly. She got up and gave him a kiss on his cheek and a hug. "I would never like anyone better than you. You're my big brother and I want to be like you. That's why I cut my hair into your style. Every time my hair's getting longer, I cut my hair again into your style." Lili said while her arms are still wrapped into him and she let go. "We'll find big sister (Name), even without Arthur's magic." She smiled as he nodded while they heard someone's knocking the door.

"How's Arthur?" Roderich barged in with medicine.

"Not good. He's started to get sweating really bad." Vash said while Lili grabbed wetted cloth to place Arthur's head. "Lili, I want you go to Peter's room and take care of him." He said as she left Arthur's room and Roderich sat beside him.

"Everything's not looking well since (Name) was taken." Roderich sighed heavily. "She's seems a nice girl but she's not a fool like anyone I know."

"Come on. You call everyone fool." Vash scoffed.

"Exactly but not her, your sister and Elizabeta" he said.

"I get it. I guess all guys you know are fools." he sighed and then a while later, they chuckled together. "You're still the same, just like old times."

"Now, there's no time to talk. We've got work to do." Roderich said as they gave Arthur pain killers while he's sleeping peacefully and re-stitched his wounds that has been opened.


While Arthur's sleeping, he felt a warm hand, just like yours. As he opened his eyes slowly, he saw a women putted her hand into his head as he felt calm. When his eyes are fully opened, he's not in his bed and he saw everything bright light and nothing else but woman and man looked at him.

"Who...who are you?" Arthur asked.

"I'm (Your mother's name) and this is my husband, (Your father's name)" Woman introduced him. "We're (Name)'s parents."

"(Name)!" he gasped. "How's (Name)? Is she alright?" He asked worry.

"She's alright. She's with some good people who helped her and Lovino's alive and he's with her now." Your father said as he sighed for relief. "But there's someone else who beside her you know." he said as there's an image of you with people are cooking together while Arthur's eye are wide open in shocked.

"Lukas! And...isn't that...?" Arthur's heart sank as he saw those married couple are cooking with you.

'Pete...Julia...He took them?'

"Please don't panic. They're going to be fine and they swore that they're going to protect my daughter from him." Your mother said as she putted her hand into his forehead. "You need strength to find them." she said as her hand began to glow and release his head while they started to fade.

"Wait! Don't go yet! What about those guys?" Arthur said as he referred to Bad touch trio.


(Back to Reality)

Arthur shot up his bed and panted. He looked around and he's back to his room and he doesn't see your parents.

'Was that a dream?' Arthur rubbed his head and looking around again but his thought was wrong because surprising, his fever was broken and his wounds are completely closed. He guessed it was your mother that cured him. He got out his bed and he rushed over at magic circle and started to chant while his pendant glowing.

After while later, someone barged in his room and he stopped chanting by the creaking sound from the door.

"Arthur! What are you doing? You're still hurt!" Ludwig scolded him

"It's alright. I'm already healed." he took off his shirt where his wounds are and he surprisingly gasped. "I've meant (Name)'s parents in my dream and they cured me." Arthur turned his head away from him. "Ludwig, I want you to tell the driver to set course at South. That's where (Name) is" He can tell where you at with his magic as Ludwig left his room.


As you prepared breakfast for the crew, you felt bothered about Lukas because his name sounds familiar. You know that he's one of the leaders of Magic Trios but you know something else about him.

"What's your last name again?" You asked Lukas.

"Bondevik. Does my name familiar to you?" He asked as you tried to remember about  him.

"You're from Norway, right?" He nodded as you remember if you could be right. "By any chance, are you one of those 5 members of Nordics?"

"That's right. Can you remember the other 4s?"

"Let's see...I'm not very good remembering their last names because it's very long and hard to say but I do know their first names. Tino from Finland, Berwald from Sweden, Densen from Denmark, and Emil from Iceland, right?"

"You're very intelligent student, Miss (Name)." he said as he chopped vegetables and he stopped.

"What's wrong?" you asked.

"He's awake." you blinked. "Vladimir." you gasped as you stared down on the cutting board while you chopped slowly.

" you tell me what happened when Vladimir break up your group with Arthur?" you asked as he sighed.

"I'm not the right person you should asked. Vladimir will gladly give you answer. I know what he said while he invaded Roderich's place. 'I'll give you anything that you desire'"

"What about Francis, Antonio and Gilbert? Do you know what they're doing now?" you asked worry as he put his hand on your head.

"Please. I don't want you ask anyone, not even Vladimir about this. That's nothing you need to know." he released your head and you nodded.

"Good morning, chaps!" Vladimir barged in. "Miss (Name), good morning! I hope you're feeling well." he smirked as you gave him a glare while he came in and comes towards you. "Let's eat and chat together, just two of us." you gritted your teeth and clinched your fists as he lift your chin. "Remember the deal." he whispered that nobody, even Lukas can't hear him.

"Vladimir! Don't--" Lukas raise his voice as he about to charge him down

"Lukas!" you interrupt him as he stopped. "It's okay. We made a deal." you said as he petted your head and rustle your hair.

"That's my good little princess. Let's go." he grabbed your fist and lead you out of kitchen.

As you went outside, you saw Lovino, Pete, Julia serving food for the crew while they cooed at you and they even do the wolf whistle and other 3 looked worried about you walking alongside with Vladimir to his room.

"Enough with goo-goo eyes on her! She belongs to our Captain!" Sadik shouted as they stared at their food.

When you entered his room, his room is huge than Arthur's, even his bed is huge that can fit 3 people. Everything in his room are red, blue and yellow (the colors of his country). He walk pass by you as he took off his small brown hat to his desk and sat down his dining table.

"Please, have a seat." he said as you sat down on the chair. "Looks like your neck are healing up quickly. They did really good job but not good as you since you're a assistant doctor. Now, you must be famished." he snapped his fingers while you heard the door opened as you turned around and saw Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis brought in some food. "Come in." he ordered them as they came in and put the food down while you looked at them in their eyes. Those are the same eyes you saw from Roderich's place when he brought here for the first time. He brainwashed them. "You may leave." he said as they left. "Now, let's eat." Vladimir started to eat and you didn't even bother to pick up the fork and stared at it. "What's wrong? Aren't you hungry?"


"Hm? Why what?" he asked.

"Why did you took them, with unborn child?" you looked at him into his blooded red eyes as he putted his fork down and swallowed his food down.

"That's not of your concern."

"It does because you took me as well and I demanded to know! Why are you doing this?! you growled.

"I told you last night, didn't I?

"But Pete and his wife? Lovino? Lukas? And trio pirates? Can you see you putted them in hell?!" you shouted as you stood up and slammed on the table.

Vladimir sighed as he got up and walked towards you slowly. "Miss (Name)" he grabbed your wrist and moved his hand onto yours and putted onto his cheek. "Please don't yell at me like that. Ladies don't yell front of people." he slowly moved your hand and kissed it gently.

"Don't do that!" you snatched your hand away from his face. "I'm not yours and I don't belong into this time! The reason why I'm still here was to defeat you alongside with Arthur and change history! Arthur will come for me and others that you've taken, even those 3! Arthur's still alive!" you stood up yourself and for them while you're looking him in his eyes as he started to laugh and stopped.

After he stopped laughing, he whistled when Sadik came in.

"You whistled, captain?" He asked as you turned around, looking terrified.

"Looks like my little princess wants to play games. Bind her." Sadik grabbed your arms roughly and tied your hands.

"Stop it!" You struggled as Vladimir putted his finger under your chin.

"You wanted play, then I'm game." he smirked as Sadik pulled the ropes tightly while you whimpered in pain. "I'm going to play with her first then you can play with her next until she screams my name."

"Oh, yes sir! I think they'll be enjoying this." he said as he opened the door and you saw Lovino and others, seeing you in bounded form.

"(Name)!" Pete shouted while others looked terrified.

"Guys! Help me!" you shouted as you saw Lovino charged towards to you but Sadik knocked him down before he comes to you then he closed door. "Let me go, you...vampire-freak of nature!" you shouted as he threw you down on his bed and locked the door.

"You know, I was expected you to behave after I gave you punishment last night." he said while he's at top on you. "I don't want to bite you again." he touched your neck where he bit. "I want to do" he touched and traced your lips from top to bottom.

"Don't even think about it!" you moved your head around while he grabbed with his hands to hold your head still.

"You're so beautiful." he said softly. "I can't keep my eyes off you since the day we've meant."

"You can't make me love you. I love Arthur, not some vampire scum like yo-mph!" you were cut off by his kiss. You were completely frozen that he kissed you by an enemy. Your kiss belongs to Arthur, the man you truly loved and wishing to be with him, even you were never supposed to exist in the past.

While he broke it off, you gasped heavily for air and tried to get out of his grip.

"The first step is completed. Now, onto the next step." he let go your head and his hand lead to your pants that you know what he's going to do next.

'!! He wouldn't dare!" your heart's pounding rapidly until it dropped as you shut your eyes and bite your lips while your tears began to fall from your cheeks. While your eyes are still shut, you felt his hand was on your button place as you began to whimper and you about to shouted out.

"" you whispered

"Hm? What was that? Could it be that you calling out my name already?" he cooed as you gritted your teeth while your tears are burst out and inhaled like you're about to shout out.



STUPID CLIFFHANGERS!!! And another Dark!Romania chapter

No lemons in this chapter...could it be there'll be lemons in next chapter...?

Sorry it took so long. My computer went extremely slow.

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